Poem #9 : It’s just a feeling


Either when with your family,

Or your best friend,

Either when she stands 1st in her class,

Or makes her daddy a birthday card,

Either when u put a ring on her finger,

Or buy a PS4 for your house,

Your can either share it or keep it,

Cause it’s a long word with a big meaning,

But Still, it’s just a feeling.


Mental or physical,

Who cares?

Only those who do,

It’s like falling from the bike,

Or pinching the heart,

It’s like a bee sting on the hand,

Or arrows through our heart,

It’s there, seen or unseen,

But Still, it’s just a feeling.


On everything, anything, anybody, everybody,

Maybe your irritating boss,

Or your insistent mother,

Either that bastard colleague,

Or a persistent God,

You might pour it all on your family,

Or by breaking things,

Either drinking it all in a bar,

Or cursing those who u think caused it,

But Still, it’s just a feeling.


People have preferences,

Some jewellery, some chocolates,

Some cars, some space ships,

But it can be a reason

To produce all the above emotions,

You don’t know when it happens,

Nor do u, when it ends,

It’s a beautiful feeling

But Still, it’s just a feeling.

It can destroy homes and create walls,

Of concrete and insecurities,

It can show a mind it’s path,

Also push it away from one,

It can bring us closer, closer

Than the cohesive forces can bring,

In this enormous world with billions of us,

Everyone knows that it’s bonds never rust,

Even then, I wished it was more than just a feeling,

Because u don’t see it just by peeling,

U have to dive deep into that ocean to feel it,

And to finally understand that still, it’s just, a feeling.

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