Poem # 11: Lost

I am lost,

Lost in this wild wild universe,

Where there is nothing to hold on to,

Nothing below, nothing above,

It’s a mirage, they deceive u,

With amazing ads and beautiful models,

The world is far more jumbled than a job in a jungle,

It’s not about them, it’s about you,

The way u feel it, the way you see it,

Hold it, mould it,

It’s the journey,

Which may someday take you beyond the stars,

There is nothing beneath, nothing above,

U are floating in this giant green globe,

Searching for the meaning,

The answers,

The trust,

The faith,

But the truth is,

U have nothing to hold onto,

And then one day when I look up,

At the dark bright sky,

And see that beautiful maiden,

I know that, one day,

I will find my place in the stars.

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