Movies should be banned!

Now, I don’t normally think this way, or ‘normally’ have thoughts like these, it really depends on what you think ‘normal’ is, but this was an impulsive thought.

You know like:

Fuck this government!!
He plays so bad, he should be removed from the team!
Screw u!!

These are those impulsive statements you make, you don’t really mean it but there is a deeper meaning behind these superficially sometimes incorrect sentences.

So you watch romcoms and sci-fi and patriotic and musicals and dark and scary movies. And these are nothing but the portrayal of some situation or a story or maybe propaganda, but yeah movies and cinema are good.

What I have a problem is, is that it makes you conditioned. These imprints that they leave behind in your mind, that is what I have a problem with.

So I should, of course, tell you the deeper meaning behind my irrational statement. My girlfriend and I are doing well, are happy, and its all well.

Ok, I am coming to the point. I was coming back from my friend’s place and was on the train. We talked on call for a few minutes and then she had to go, she said she would call me back. She did, when I almost reached my station. I picked up and we talked about our day and what all we did throughout the duration that I was on the bus going back towards my home. Which took 20 min or so. I got down and had to walk more 7 minutes to reach home and it seemed we had lesser things to talk about and there were moments when the phone went totally silent. It wasn’t that awkward silence, but it didn’t feel good too.

We had run out of things to say to each other and I didn’t like this situation. So I started talking about more intricate things related to my rocketry which I believe she was listening to but couldn’t reply cause she has nothing to say in that matter which is totally plausible and then I asked her to say something and she said she has nothing and then with a few seconds’ pause she said she should go, its late, she has to read and bye.

I do not like to end the call this way. I hate it. See this part, me hating it. You hate something when what you expected or desired did not take place. Now who made me expect, something in this relationship. I had not been in a relationship before, ever. What was it? What was it that made me think that awkward silences in a relationship is something that shouldn’t happen.

For some reason, I expected us to talk for hours altogether, that we would have so much to talk about that we would sleep while talking to each other. I just for some reason expected that. That she would want to tell me what’s on her mind, whatever it is that she is thinking. But maybe we are not like that.

And why is that not okay? We still are friends, though in a relationship, but we still are friends. , and we are pursuing two varying careers. There is less commonality in things that we do daily, or think about daily. So at one point in time, you would not have something to talk about. And it is okay!!

But who would tell me that? Why would I have to suffer through it and then one day by the grace of God (who I don’t know exists) understand that it is okay to not have something to talk about with your girlfriend?

So that is one reason why I want to ban movies. The other reason why I want to “Ban” movies and not restrict them to not talk about this or that, which too is equally irrational is, that General Elections are coming up in the US in 2020, 6 months from now. And as we all know the government stops taking active participation in making newer policies for the country and focus on campaigning only. And all these 6 months do not forget, these people are still living on the Government’s money, our money. So why should they be given time to campaign for themselves on the payroll. They should do this in their own time.

But this doesn’t happen. Now I thought what if the Election Commission brought in the rule that you can’t be campaigning 3 months before elections or something like that. Appreciable. But then again parties will find 100 ways to bypass the rule and still do what they want.

So over time, I have realised the more rules you make the more complex the system gets.

That’s why, “Ban the Movies !”

She is a wonderful person and I love spending time with her but it’s these fundamental things that have been engraved in my brain by the society that makes it harder for me to appreciate what I have. Her.

I do love u.

This is a picture of her things when she was at my place while we were watching the movie Pride and Prejudice. She looked beautiful. Really liked the movie. I can’t say was it because of the movie or the one sitting right next to me. All I would say that we finished watching the movie way after the stipulated time given._DSC6243.JPG

7 year old spent a day with me, we went out and eat in KFC and she then came back home with me, we danced a little and talked. I enjoyed.


And that guy, up there is whose place I had gone to today. He took me to a trek up this mountain from where we could see his whole city. It was an amazing day.

And good news for me, I am planning to go meet her this Friday. This will be the first time we meet outside either my or her house. I am excited. It will be our first date. Any advice as such, please let me know!!!


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