Women just can’t listen

Women cant listen.

No nooooo noooo noooo,

Women don’t want to listen.

Just talk, say things, blurt out things, think, overthink, remain quiet. Just never listen.

And it’s not like there is this one person who did not listen to me this one time and I am angry at that one incident.

No noo noo no no!

I have lived for 19 years and have been observant for the last 5 and man those are enough years to understand the world. Not fully but since women are a priority they are observed much more.

So since early times ( I mean my early times), I have been the quiet kind of guy, more to listen more to ask questions. And I am very similar even now. But sometimes, to some specific people who are close to me, I feel like saying things, you know, like talk my heart out or mention a situation or an experience. Just want them to listen to me. To know me better with this one more input.

But most of these women don’t care. Just don’t give a fuck about you.

So we are in Math class and sir goes out for a walk or something and this classmate sitting beside me starts talking about her younger brother and I am listening all intently and she goes on for 5 min, 10 min and I am interested, not like she is wasting my time. I like conversing with her.

And then I felt that I would like to tell her about my elder neigh-sis but no, for one to talk the other has to shut up, but no. Not at all. Shut up? She won’t even take a break. So, when I finally do get a chance to speak and as soon as I utter one word, sir walks and we need to keep quiet and then he starts taking attendance.  Now, we can talk, I mean he won’t say anything but as soon as I turn around she is on her phone chatting with her boyfriend. I poke her once and tell her to listen to me. once, twice but she is like hold on. I am like fuck it. fuck you. I need not tell it to you. I don’t have to. I will not.

And it’s a similar situation with her, though she has improved a lot in this sense, a looooooooooooot. I can guarantee that. But then again there is something I feel that lacks. And I feel it in my heart.

7 year old, remember her, my nightmare all through 1st year. She is the ultimate of not giving a fuck as to what u think about or want to talk about.

But not all women are like this. My elder neigh-sis. She listens to me. She understands me even when I don’t know how to express my feelings. She is the best. She is so amazing. I miss her. And we talked a little last night and she made me feel so good. So safe and so protected. Like she is there for me. She treats me like her younger brother and it feels good.

Even my mom listens to me though I don’t have a lot to say to her since she doesn’t have an Engineering background and I really don’t feel comfortable talking about other girls to her.

I don’t mean to insult anyone or look down on anyone I just want to express my feelings and since no girl wants to listen to me, here I am speaking my heart out.

What else is happening in my life? For now, Monthly tests are going on, and she is unwell, infected with Chicken Pox. I hope she gets alright soon.  And I miss chicken been almost a month since I last had chicken.

Other than these I am focusing on a few competition that my 2 teams are going to participate in. Very exciting year. And it has just started.

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